Self Care Action Plan | self care action plan
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Create Your
Action Plan

This knowledge-to-action (“know to grow”)

approach is designed to help you:

white leaf Discover what fuels you
white leaf Gain & maintain momentum
white leaf Decrease stress & avoid burnout
white leaf Create a long-lasting self-care system that works for you.

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Your practical guide to personal growth

  In this book, you will:


white leaf Dive into self-care, mindful action, and personal growth and define how you can apply them to your life today.

white leaf Determine what direction of personal growth is right for you and how to create a plan for immediate action.

white leaf Apply your action plan throughout the book to gradually build and practice your very own self-care system.

white leaf Review your process and commit to your system of consistent action to create long-lasting personal growth.

KNOW (7)

Who are you?

Explore the elements that make you up as a person to create a self-care plan that will cater to your personal needs and desires.


What is self-care?

Determine what this looks like for you, dissect how it impacts every aspect of you as a person, and acknowledge the effects of self-neglect.


Where are you now?

Assess your current lifestyle and self-care practice to find what fuels you and where there is opportunity for growth.


Where do you want to be?

Hone in on what aspect(s) of personal growth you will work toward throughout the book.

Where are you going?

Build from your current situation to determine what direction is right for you and how you can move forward.


What is an action plan?

Clarify the questions you want to answer, what resources and supports you have or might need, and what immediate steps you can take to gain and maintain momentum.


How will you move forward?

Tackle the “how” overwhelm by breaking down your self-care and personal growth ideals into personal and practical steps of action.


What can you do now?

Shift your focus from what you should do to what you can do and start taking steps toward your self-care and personal growth ideals.

GO (1)

What is your big picture?

Center on your purpose for personal growth to refine your self-care plan and direction.


What is a system?

Develop a purpose-centered self-care system that encourages long-term personal growth through consistent action.


How will you keep going?

Break down what it takes to transition actions into habits and redefine your personal definition of growth and success.


What does progress look like?

Review the steps  you’ve taken to create and act on your self-care plan and system to set yourself up for meaningful, long-lasting personal growth.